What Did You Do Today For The Cause?

I know that there are many of us across the globe who work tirelessly and unpaid on our respective projects to bring peace to the prostitute nation.


Here’s what I did today:


I spent 30  minutes talking with another sex worker rights activist, actually we wrestled about the next right action,


Then I spent 45 minutes on the phone talking to a worker about her case,


Then I spent another hour and 10 minutes on the phone with another worker about her frustration and her next right action.


I called and emailed  three orgs asking for their support.


I emailed 17 sex worker activists about an up coming action.


I texted with a sex worker rights activist in another state about  supporting their efforts.


Texted with another sex worker rights activist in yet another state about gaining a contact to help with our direct action.


I friended that ally and we set up a date to speak on the phone.


I posted on link on fb about how the anti prostitutist are really quite violent towards our class.


I called a researcher-left a message.


Last night I spent about an hour and 20 minutes exchanging information and supporting an other sex worker rights activist in Europe,


Before that, I spent two hours in a meeting with like minded activist on other issues not directly related to my industry.  I guess I would call that coalition building.


Before that meeting, I had a ten minute conversation with a political organizer about prop 35.


Before that, I had tea with a retired labor organizer about getting some help with our bylaws, that took about an hour.


Before that, I met with our customer plaintiff and recorded him-35  minutes.  I was late because my bus was late.


Before that, I emailed and called several legislators to ask for their support for anti discrimination legislation.


And I cannot remember what I did before that…


I’m not bragging, Im just saying…


I’m saying I enjoy my work, but its all unpaid.


I’d like to be supported in my work and get at least one other person resourced in joining me.




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