Distrubing Agressive Trend Towards Sex Worker Rights Activists

Disturbing treatment of sex worker rights activist


I received a call this morning from one such activist who is being harassed in email by one of those nut cases who thinks that sex workers ought to be arrested because she’d rather like to rescue us and get paid to do it. I know it doesn’t make any sense to me either that these types aren’t demanding an end to criminalization firstly and foremost as a means to stop the police from exploiting us.


Then I read this very good interview of Melissa Gira Grant where she accounts recent harassment. Waging War On Sex Workers by Zoe Schlanger interviews Melissa Gira Grant February 15, 2013 http://www.guernicamag.com/interviews/the-war-on-sex-workers/



And too this documented account of harassment from Feminist Whore on twitter.  http://feministwhore.wordpress.com/2013/02/16/examining-the-murphy-method/



Its really concerning that the haters cannot even tolerate others exercise of their right to free speech to express their opinions that are different from the shame-based sex-negative perspectives.


This new round of intimidation by these prostitution rights haters is important to document for ourselves and its important share with them with our community members when they happen to gain support as well as let those of us who are  targets too of this type of violence that we are not alone.


It’s important too to reach out to other groups for support when we’ve been attacked and I for one would really like to hear how those who say they’re for stopping violence against women, like the One Billion Rising people, say they oppose violence against us prostitution rights activists also.


I attended their events this past week as I was invited at the last minute by a friend.  http://www.facebook.com/events/337059453076068/


The event I attended was held at a large church with the female clergy welcoming the packed house. The drumming, the dancing, and singing was impressive but calling out violence in a general way wasn’t that useful to me as marginalized worker.  I have a in question  my mind about how these types of women view prostitutes and prostitutes rights activists like me. Is the violence of being criminalized included in their public condemnation of violence against women? Or is it feminist business as usual violating me with their imposed victomology and indifference?  The feminist, of 1973 decided that our rights were not to  be included or considered in their demand for equality for women and their position has yet to be officially rescinded, apologized and restituted for in my mind.


I would like to see a specific public statement to includ respect for our rights and for our activists.



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