Feminist Idea of Equality?


Equal protection comes in many forms.  One form is when we are victims of violence we, like anyone else have access to the Victims Compensation Fund as it’s called here in California.

How ever, California State regulation  649.56 states that victims can and are precluded from access the fund if those injuries occurred in the course of working as a prostitute.



California State regulation  649.56. Involvement in the Qualifying Crime of Prostitution:

Involvement in the events leading to the qualifying crime of prostitution by the victim may be found if the victim was:


*  Engaged in activity related to prostitution.

*  The qualifying crime occurred as a direct result of the activity related to prostitution.


Activity related to prostitution includes, but is not limited to the following:


*  Soliciting or participating in the solicitation of an act of prostitution.

*  Purchasing or participating in the purchase of an act of prostitution.

*  Engaging in an act of prostitution.

*  Pimping as defined in California Penal Code, section 266h.<http://calvcpmanual.vcgcb.ca.gov/Codes/pc266h.txt>

*  Pandering as defined in California Penal Code, section 266i.<http://calvcpmanual.vcgcb.ca.gov/Codes/pc266i.txt>


Where are is the outrage from those women who claim to be against violence when prostitutes, who they consider only as victims, are denied access to the Victims Compensation Fund?

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